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My true love!  Pepper!
David's Partner       Fred's Ex-Wife               Fred's Wife             Peggy's 
Chunnan                Alice                               Jennifer                    Husband Eric
Angel Pepper
6-10-98 to12-13-08
Angel Cody
08-2007 to 09-2011

"Prompt Response - Poems of 2014" 

As the title of this book indicates, most of 
what I have written during the past year 
has been in response to weekly or daily
poetry prompts provided by the good 
folks and readers of Robert Lee Brewer’s 
Poetic Asides Blog on the web at

As I age, time speeds by and thoughts slow
to a crawl.  Bear with me and I hope you enjoy
the poems of 2014.

Available now at

"Family Matters"      
(An Eclectic Family Anthology)   
"Family Matters, Vol. II" 


W. David MacKenzie
Peggy S. Overbey
Fred MacKenzie
Tarja Keddrell
Chunnan Wang
Ruth Y. Nott

Purchase Vol I at

"Crazy Patch"

Just as our lives twist and turn on 
a whim, so does this poetry patchwork.

Purchase at

"Haiku for Lovers"

(A Personal Journey in Haiku - 
Life in Seventeen Syllables)

Purchase at

"Where Memory Lingers"

These poems and essays come from 
where memory lingers, from those 
times when reality was not where we 
wanted to be.

Purchase at

"Garden of Faith"

All the poems you loved in 
"A Pure and Simple Faith" plus as 
many more warm and touching 
faith-based verses.

Purchase at

"Channels of Verse"

A varied collection of poetry by 
members of the Suwannee River Poets.

Purchase at

"After the Rain"

These poems reflect an acute realization that God 
is everywhere and all knowing and demonstrates 
a sensitivity to everyday events, and vulnerability 
to the uncertainty of love.

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"Here on My Knees"

Contained within the pages of Here on My Knees 
you will find poems of faith and inspiration in Section 1, 
A Growing Faith, and in Section 2, This Man Called 
Jesus.  In Section 3, Penny Poetry, are poems based on 
family, love, everyday happenings with a few humorous 
verses included to lighten your spirits.  Ruth’s poetry is 
often rhyming and lyrical and always heartfelt.

Ruth’s poems reflect her faith and realization that God is 
worthy of praise and faithful to hear our prayers. 

Purchase at 

"All There Is"

Most of my previous books of poetry have a section 
containing spiritual and inspirational poetry in addition 
to sections containing humorous and other secular 
poetry. I have often been asked where to find those 
spiritual and inspirational poems all in one place. This is 
it folks, “All There Is” of my faith based poetry collected 
from my previous books and many new lines of verse as 
well. Enjoy, and God bless you for asking!

Purchase at 

"Idle Thoughts"

The poems in "Idle Thoughts" are presented 
with special thanks to the Poem of the Day 
Yahoo group where George Smith helps get 
our creative juices flowing each April and 
November by sharing daily poetry prompts 
from Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides blog 
      ( . 

Without his help, I would write very little and 
spend all my time quilting or playing games 
on my Kindle. As I have mentioned in other notes, 
I am not a driven poet, but a driven quilter and 
part time poet! Included here are personal reflections, 
thoughts on writing, the world around us, and a giggle 
or two to make you smile.

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"Prompt Response" - Poems of 2013

As the title of this book indicates, most of what I have written 
during the past year has been in response to weekly or daily
 poetry prompts provided by the good folks and readers of 
Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog on the web at

As I age, time speeds by and thoughts slow to a crawl.  
Bear with me and I hope you enjoy the poems of 2013.

Purchase at

"A Pure and Simple Faith" 
(Poetry from the Heart of Ruth Y. Nott)

Uplifting and encouraging poetry and
personal essays.

Purchase at

"Rambling On" 
(Poetry from the Heart of Ruth Y. Nott)

The Poems of 2015 - Uplifting and encouraging faith-based 
poetry and poems about everyday life... and death.

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"New Friend - True Friend"
A Children's Picture Book by Ruth Y. Nott
 - "New Friend - True Friend" 
A children's picture book by Ruth Y. Nott

Moving to a new town can be traumatic, as can making new friends.  Follow along as Dominic Dragon, the new kid on the block, makes friends with Jason.  Watch as their friendship "soars" and then crashes.  But can Dominic turn it all around and prove himself a "true friend?"    (Also published in the collection "Jittery Jackrabbits" below)   Purchase at

Swamp Mist - New book of short stories by my son W. David MacKenzie
Bucky        Smokey

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Tova, John and Reagan

Jittery Jackrabbits A collection of six short stories for children including:

Jittery Jackrabbits - (Who learn sharing and caring when their mom is expecting)
A Mouse in the House - (The whimsical tale of the mice who helped Mary deliver Baby Jesus)
New Friend True Friend - (A kite-flying adventure where a new dragon friend helps a young boy find the excitement of new friendship, the disappointment of mistakes made, and the joy of a true friend who keeps his promises)
Miracle of the Eggs - (Bunny children get caught up in the crowd taking Jesus to the cross and begin an Easter tradition that still survives today)
Going Home - (Young Jason Beagle makes a new friend in wandering Granny Blue and in the process discovers the reality of death)
Bears in the Woods - (A young bear discovers why it's a good thing NOT to be the "handsomest bear in the woods")
Purchase at

A Mouse in the House (Also published separately from the collection above)   -   The whimsical tale of the mice who helped Mary deliver Baby Jesus.  Purchase at

Find These and Many Other Poetry Books by Ruth Y. Nott HERE.