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When someone cracks 
a verbal whip
and your mind recoils 
with the pain,
your first impulse is to 
break and run
but just what would 
you gain?
So, your mind reaches out 
to another realm
where pain and heartaches are few.
My mind reaches out 
for a bottle of wine,
and a few loving hours 
with you.

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(Excerpt from
No One Has to Know)

Always in the shadows Love, we speak in whispered tones.
We just can't find a place Love where we can be slone.
But you can be with me Love even though we are apart.
My thoughts are filled with you Love.
Your presence fills my heart.
So never set me free Love.
Please don't ever let me go!
Just hold me oh so close Love - 
No one ever has to know!

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'Though the distance between us is measured
in minutes, and hours, 
and miles,
the moments we shared
 are each treasured,
the laughter, the tears, 
and the smiles.

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Welcome!  The world needs more nice people like you!

For some of us, there are times in our lives when reality seems hard to endure.  In those times we find ourselves drawn or lured into passionate fantasies which we know are neither morally nor spiritually acceptable, but which, at those times, we cannot resist.  We can only look back upon those times with regret and ask forgiveness of those we hurt by our actions.

Even then, as the years go by, we find there are many people we can’t forget.  Some were just passing fancies and exist only as wispy wraiths in the dark corners of our minds, but others… others “left footprints on our hearts” and will never be forgotten.

These poems and essays come from where memory lingers, from those times when reality was not where we wanted to be.

Get your copy of Where Memory Lingers, find a quiet spot, sit back, and do your own remembering.  Perhaps you've been there, or perhaps you were strong enough to resist.  Either way you may recognize yourself within these pages or someone you remember well.  Buy one for yourself or as a gift.

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Where Memory Lingers

By Ruth Y. Nott
Copyright 2007