Busy Hands 2
More large quilts made by Ruth Y. Nott
An original design front of king size quilt made for my son. 
Below is the back. of this same quilt.
Pre-quilting quilt top made for my husband.
The elephant center panel was preprinted.
Pre-quilting pinwheel quilt top made for my neice Meghan.
Pre-quilting quilt top made for a daughter-in-law
This butterfly quilt won 2nd place in it's category at the Stephen Foster Quilt Show 2004.
Pre-quilting quilt top made for my brother in a crazy patch design.

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About the Author
This is a "$5 Quilt" sampler made for my neice Renita
"Tiles" quilt top (before quilting) made for my neice Treva.
Radiant Compass
This quilt was pieced by my husband's mother years ago and recently rediscovered.  I bordered, sandwiched and quilted it.
This is Peggy's king size ("Tonga Nature" pattern) quilt before it went to be machine quilted.
This is Peggy's Celtic quilt.  Other views below.
Center                                                                                      Corner
Alice's Wall Hanging 9/2011
David's Wall Hanging 9/2011
Peggy's Wall Hanging 10/2011
Fred's Quilt 10-2011