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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Turkey tracks are heading back and forth across the yard.

Favorite verses are written in cursive on holiday greeting cards.

Tables are packed and always stacked with the family's favorite foods.

There's quite enough to really stuff and put us in a sleepy mood.

Autumn leaves are being heaved into piles and bags and pits.

Dishes are done.  Come join the fun as candles are being lit.

While children play and grownups stay glued to the TV screen,

the football season is the reason for their hoots and howls and screams!

But hold that play and let us say a prayer of true thanksgiving

for all the blessings we can recall and for the joy of living

in a land where freedom really can have promise and have meaning!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

May your tables be overflowing
May your gratitude be showing
May love be always at your side
And Christ with each of you abide!

All text above is Copyright 2008
Ruth Y. Nott
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