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in her latest self-published book of poems, Garden of Faith, as well as in each of her four other collections, what Ruth Y. Nott has always most cherished is clear: a love of family (Family Matters, An Eclectic Family Anthology); a delight in God, and a wonderment at the everyday small miracles which only one who is sensitive to the world around them likely appreciates.
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Have you ever felt uncertain, alone, without  courage, and shaken in your beliefs?  Have you found comfort in the advice of friends, or in the inspirational or spiritual words of a poem?  Words from a friend or a favorite book can help, can give us back our courage and faith, can help us to understand and to hurt less, can show us that we are not the first, nor the last, to experience the feelings of hopelessness.

The touching, often lyrical poems in Garden of Faith will soothe and calm, refresh your spirit and touch on some of the questions and doubts we all face in our search for personal happiness and spiritual healing.

This book brings Ruth's own faith, commitment and hopeful attitude to others in need.  Combining all the poems you loved in her first book  A Pure and Simple Faith with as many more fresh new poems of love, faith and gratitude, Garden of Faith will enlighten, uplift, and encourage.

Page 63

A Look at Love

Love cannot be constrained.
It must be free to grow,
to lift a wing or dip a beak
it’s happiness to show,
to contemplate within itself
the wonders of the world,
or concentrate on only one
as its possibilities unfurl.
Love cannot be understood
if you would try and try.
Defying logic, it will come…
or not… as time goes by
Love can be unspoken,
proclaimed in just a look,
or wildly dance upon the floor
of passion’s private nook.
Love needs to feel the freedom
to win or lose at will.
Love needs to settle now and then,
a needy heart to fill.
So look for love in sunlit skies
or rainy mountain mist,
and hold not tightly to it
when you feel its gentle kiss.

Ruth Nott
Copyright 2007

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Price:  $9.95
Perfect Paperback: 136 pages
First edition (October 1, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0615385587
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches

Garden of Faith
2nd Edition

By Ruth Y. Nott
Copyright 2010
From a Review

As with most poetry, it is personal, heartfelt and inspiring. The poet takes the reader on a walk through her “Garden of Faith.”
The words are soothing, relaxing and make readers want to immerse themselves in the restful embracing atmosphere created by the writer. Whether rhyming, sonnet or musical lyric, the work is always faith based and enlightening.
Page 16

After the Rain

After the rain,
the rainbow,
God’s promise
never ending...
filling our eyes
with His glory,
and our hearts with the love He is sending

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